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Interested in getting on our Kids Town schedule for serving?

Talk with Pastor Beth and go through our Orientation Process. It’s quite easy to serve in Kids Town, and so rewarding!

We are so excited that you are interested in joining the Kids Town Team!!  We have so many ways you can get involved in Children’s Ministries at Light & Life.  Here are some things you need to know before joining:

1.You choose your own commitment level.

We come in with no expectations on you as far as your commitment level.  Everyone is in a different stage of life, and God calls everyone to serve in different roles and capacities.  We have opportunities for serving as often as every week, to serving just a few times or even once a month.  You choose, because only you know where God is calling you.

2. You are expected to keep whatever commitment you make.

Don’t commit to something without checking your calendar first!  And then, when you make your commitment, go ahead and write it in to your calendar right away!  You will be placed on the schedule based on what you agree to do.  If something comes up (which it will), you are responsible for switching with someone or finding your own substitute.

3. We want you to serve where and in whatever capacity God is calling you.

We want everyone to be comfortable where they are serving, and to be able to experience the blessing of serving.  That means we want you to have the opportunity to try out classrooms and see where you best fit.

4. Your own walk with Christ makes a difference!

The most important thing we do is prepare spiritually for our lessons.  Make sure you are spending daily time in the Word and in prayer.  We will help each other with this!  You are sure to grow in your walk with Christ when you serve in Kids Town!!

To join the team, please click below, and set up a time to meet with her for Orientation!  We’ll get the process going right away!