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Life Group Questions

More than a Prophet Pastor Elizabeth Goodberry

Sunday, March 31, 2019

  1. Why do people ask questions they already know the answer to?

  2. Read through Matthew 16:13-20 together.

  3. Who were these people…

        1. John the Baptist

        2. Elijah

        3. Jeremiah

  4. Pastor Beth talked about Jesus being put into human categories.  Why  doesn’t this work?

  5. Pastor Beth talked about three ways that we continue Jesus’ work.  Do you remember them? (Heart Check Ourselves; Heart Check Others; Heart Check Our Church)

  6. Jesus placed Himself against a specific “backdrop” with His disciples, in Caesarea Philippi.  What kind of “backdrop” is Jesus standing against in your life?

  7. What is one way you are growing in your relationship with Jesus right now?

  8. Do we all have one person we can pray for daily who needs Jesus?  Can we commit to that?

  9. How can this group encourage you in your walk with the Lord?

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